Xaquixe– Zapotec meaning «at the base of the mountain»,we are a company specialized in blown glass founded in 2002 in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

The daily tasks in this Glass Laboratory are similar to a performative workshop, where the choreographic action between fire, blow pipes, movement of hands and breath results in a translucent bubble. From this dance a ball of fire is born that will result in a glass, bottle or piece of blown glass.

We produce handblown glass unique pieces. Each product created in our studio is the result of a sustainable, ethical and responsible process of production.

Our interest in preserving the handblown glass technique focus in the sustainability and positive impact in the community, offer us the possibility to create organic, contemporary, delicated and beautiful designs in glass.


The artisanal industry should create a positive impact in the locality. 

Xaquixe Pieces Qualities


Created with 95% of recycled glass and use of alternative energies.


Heat Resistant


Diswasher Safe


Variety of colors with and clear version.

Variety of colors with and clear version.


Organic shapes inspired in the nature results in ergonomic designs.




Sustainable process of production