Xaquixe is vocation, discipline and creative action around the fire on delicate glass.


Xaquixe– Zapotec meaning «at the base of the mountain»,we are a company specialized in blown glass founded in 2002 in Oaxaca, Mexico. We elaborate pieces of unique and original design through sustainable and handcrafted processes.

The daily tasks in this Glass Laboratory are similar to a performative workshop, where the choreographic action between fire, blow pipes, movement of hands and breath results in a translucent bubble. From this dance a ball of fire is born that will result in a glass, bottle or piece of blown glass.

Xaquixe Values

Ethical -Responsible Process: 95%

The central of Xaquixe production in a process of transforming waste into materials and alternative energies. We use 95% of recycled glass and 5% of Xaquixe Formule (patented) that returns the characteristics of transparency, shine and compatibility with a wide range of colors, which normally could not be applied to recycled glass (Our color palete is unusual in the market of the glass pieces created with recycled glass)

Generation of alternative energies with waste generated in the locality. We use burnt cooking oil from 50 Oaxacan restaurants using a multi-fuel burner and generate CH4-Methane in an anaerobic biodigester. In combination with photovoltaic cells, the energy required to reach the 1300º temperature is obtained, ideal for working with blown glass.

Handmade: 100%

Our pieces are the result of the fusion between knowledge and skills in the traditional technique of blown glass. There is no tradition of blown glass in Oaxaca, Xaquixe has created and trained generations of glass blowers.

Xaquixe has a continuous education method to train and professionalize its employees the management of the equipment created in situ, as well as the techniques and new processes in the production of glass objects.

Unique and unrepeatable pieces, based on original designs by Xaquixe, our collaborators make each piece by handcrafted process, obtaining enriching variations in color and shape that leave impregnated as signature the personality, history, skill and talent of the hands that made it.

Quality: 100%

The mastery and use of blowing glass methods, as well as other cold and hot techniques allows us to offer a wide variety of products with original and exclusive designs.

Functional and decorative designs based on traditional forms add a contemporary touch, inspired by nature and organic forms. Maximum quality and transparency, even using recycled glass as raw material.

Studio Xaquixe produces glassware, containers and bottles and special projects as pieces for interior decoration (washbasins, lamps, table centers), architectural and art projects.

The Dance of the Crosses · by Snejina Latev

The Team

Salime Harp Cruces


Originally from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. Industrial engineer graduated from ITESM with a thesis specializing in industrial processes in the production of glass…read more

Christian Thornton

Artistic Direction & Technology

Originally from Washington, United States. Residence in Oaxaca for more than fifteen years. Sculptor, glass artist …read more